We have transitioned to a new system to better serve your needs. FUTURE PICTURE DAYS will NOT be ordered here. Please be sure to visit any QR code or link you receive from the school to register your child for their upcoming picture day. We NEED this registration from you for you to receive your proofs. If you did not receive a link or code, please email support@shannaco.com with your student's first and last name, grade, homeroom and school so we can send you your private gallery. Thank you!

Coalgate Senior Cap & Gown 2023

YOUR PASSWORD:  chs1234 just replace the numbers with your student ID. All seniors have a 4 digit Student ID, just put "chs" in front of it. 

Please note: These may be easier to view from a computer or tablet rather than a phone. You can view your poses and choose from different backgrounds. If you struggle with viewing backgrounds from a phone, please try an alternate method. 

These are only proofs. You may see flaws such as cropping may be too tight or loose. For example, if it part of their cap is cut off, or part of the tassel is missing, it will not be that way on your prints.  These things will be corrected on your order.

The sample above is created by hand and will be created if ordered. You cannot preview this. We will use the diploma image with their panel portrait taken in the fall.

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